DTM-Classic-2022-Imola-Max-Kainzinger-Porsche-9146-GT-Enke-WerkDTM Classic DRM Cup – Nürburgring – Friday, 26th of August, 2022 – free practise session – track notes.

# 50 Marco Wagner, BMW M1 M88 turbo Group 5/1982

40 years after its construction, the second turbocharged Group-5-version of the famous middlengined coupé had its maiden ever outing this friday at the Nürburgring – in the orange Jägermeister-livery, which looks quite unfamiliar. The background story delivered Marco Wagner, who is racedriver and crew chief in person. It has been Walter Brun, who started the project behind the scenes, based on a spaceframe, welded by Seeger & Hoffmann in Switzerland. If once the turbocharged “M88”-type six-cylindre-engine is working out its full potential, it will develop about more than 800 bhp. Today, the bavarian outfit was just cruising around in order to collect track experience.

# 2 Philipp Kennewell, Schnitzer-BMW 3.5 CSL Group 4/1975

In the closing stages of the free practise session, the young bavarian racedriver had quite a cracking experience at the end of the main straight: the differential lost its teeth – but with some help of the friends in the paddock of the DTM Classic Cup series, the drivetrain will be fully reset until the first qualifying session on saturday morning. “The six-cylindre-engine produces much power and even more torque”, stated Kennewell, “that outfit takes its toll”.

# 17 Michael Hess, Porsche Carrera RSR 3.6 Group 5/1976

Right after setting the sixth fastest laptime, the well-experienced endurance racer asked for some engine adjustment after the free practice session. After the adjustment, the flat six boxer will be working in its best condition once again.

# 311 Nick Salewsky, , Porsche Carrera RSR 3.6 Group 5/1976

Nick Salewsky came in with the fastest Porsche on fourth position in the overall classification. Alongside Max Kainzinger, Salewsky is 23 years old and one of the two youngest drivers in the grid.

# 63 Olaf Manthey, Peter Schumann, BMW 635 CSi Group 5

Former DTM-vice champion Olaf Manthey and owner Peter Schumann shared the surprisingly strong  car in free practise. The group-5-version is equipped with a “M49” type four-valve-engine with about 430 bhp similar to the BMW 635 M Coupé, which was entered in endurance racing at the Nürburgring long circuit in the middle of the eighties. “But”, stated Olaf Manthey, “if the differential isn’t working perfectly, which is the case this weekend, you have to be very careful on the throttle under acceleration – not easy to handle, but we are looking forward nonetheless.”

# 69 Georg Griesemann, Porsche Carrera RSR Gruppe H/1991

Another famous racecar having its first outing in the frame of the DTM Classic DRM Cup: previously driven by late Edgar Dören in the team outfit of Manfred Freisinger of Karlsruhe, the Carrera RSR was sold, rebuilt and repainted after its career in endurance racing on Nürburgring long circuit in the very beginning of the nineties. The repaint in bright green led to a famous livery once used in the Veedol-Langstreckenpokal at the Nürburgring back in 1990. That time, the south german gentlemen drivers Günther Doebler and Heinz Dorr shared the green, “Kümmerling”-backed Porsche Carrera RSR in the maintenance of Horst Derkum. Cologne-based brothers Georg and Björn Griesemann re-featured the ancient colour scheme and brought their 3.6-litre-version in at fifth spot in the overall classification.

# 1 Peter Mücke, Ford Zakspeed Capri turbo und #6 Stefan Mücke, BMW M1 Group 4//79

Quite an unfamiliar setting for father and son Peter and Stefan Mücke. The 75 years old founder of Mücke Motorsport in Berlin-Altglienicke claimed the fastest laptime in the 1980-Zakspeed Ford Capri turbo, which was once constructed in the neighbourhood of the Nürburgring – to be more concrete, in the small town of Niederzissen. More surprisingly, Stefan Mücke claimed second position in a BMW M1 Group 4/79 alongside his teammate Ronny Scheer of Dresden. Normally, Mücke and Scheer are sharing touringcars in the DTM Classic Cup. Assuming that, it was their maiden outing together in the middle-engined, 480-bhp-strong BMW M1.

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