DTM Classic Cup @Spa-Francorchamps, 9th of September, 2022, track notes after first free practice on friday afternoon.

#3 Kris Nissen, BMW M3, Class 2

Right after setting the fastest laptime by a margin of more than three seconds, one of the four cylinders stopped working properly, “I do not know yet for which kind if reason”, stated Nissen, “we still need to figure out, what the problem may be and decide about the remains of the weekend here. Assuming that, I was not really on a charging lap.”

#4 Yannick Trautwein, BMW 320i STW, Class 6

The winner of this season´s first race of the DTM Classic Cup at the Lausitzring started into the free practice session on slick tires, but with a set-up for rainy track conditions. “In this case, the traction level is not up on the optimum”, Trautwein stated, “you need to change the entire set-up configuration instead. But the weather is not really predictable”.

#51 Marc Seesing, BMW M3, Class 4

For the opening minutes of the free practise session, the Dutchman set the fastest laptime in the overall classification. His statement car to the 24 hours race of Spa-Francorchamps in its famous FINA-livery is prepared by Ton Vink and a completely new built car according to Group-A-regulations with a 2.3-litre engine. “It started to develop some drop-outs in the closing stages”, Seesing stated, “we need to look after the reason. But I am looking forward, that I can keep my new car in motion for the entirely remaining weekend.”

#31 Christian Küberl, BMW M3, Class 4

The Austrian, a former hillclimb racer, had to repair a broken piston after the fisrt of two races at the Norisring. The rebuilt engine did its first cry last sunday. Küberl is featuring the famous Bastos-livery, that was going down into history at the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps back in 1991 with Czech Vaclav Bervid and his teammates. “I have to be careful about the revised engine and take things quite easy in Free Practise, he stated.

#11 Ronny Scheer, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Class 2

“My experience at Spa-Francorchamps is quite low”, Scheer stated in advance of the Free Practise session, “Back in 2017, I had three laps here in a BMW M1, not more. And the rear-wheel-driven ‘Cossie’ with its narrow tires is a real challenge, especially here. There is no aerodynamic downforce after all, only mechanical grip maintained by the tires. If they are worn out at some point, you need to be very careful and talented in economy management as well. But I like challenges like these!”

#20 Marc Hessel, Prinz Leopold von Bayern, BMW 320 iS, Class 3

“Dä Schmal” (the car bears its name due to its narrow bodywork in comparison to the more popular BMW M3) started into the session on slick tires. That gamble game pointed out to be right in the opening stages, when Hessel challenged Marc Seesings fastest laptime with success. The car already collected four class wins in the running season, two with Prinz Leopold von Bayern at the wheel, and is one of the dark horses for overall victory, even when it has been finally outpaced by Durch Ko Koppejan in the sole Mercedes-Benz in the grid.

#6 Olaf Manthey, BMW 635 CSI, Class 5

The current leader in the championship rankings is a former double vice-champion in the DTM and its predecessor, the Deutsche Produktionswagen-Meisterschaft. His BMW 635 CSi Coupé has been driven by Jörg Van Ommen back in 1983 in the three-car-operation of Herbert Hartge. Brothers Peter and Jürgen Schumann rebuilt the car on a new bodyshell and stood strictly to the original homologation standards. That means: approximately 300 bhp and the classic Getrag-fivespeed-gearbox – and even the standard door panels in the interior.

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