35 years more down the history book, french clothing company NewMan, founded back in 1967, stepped up to higher grounds. After some sponsorship in world class rallying with Bruno Saby’s Renault 5 as well as in Formula 3 with Hollywood actor’s son Paul Belmondo, the employer of 3.000 entered the world series of endurance racing with Porsche. Joest Racing presented the NewMan-liviered 956, chassis number 105, in springtime 1983. The yellow and black colour scheme evolved to be synonymous for glory at the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans. Two consecutive victories could have easily been crowned by a third – a broken pipe in the water cooling system pointed out to be fatal. Instead, legends like that are commonly known all over the globe. They could return to life in nearly the same frame, with Porsche at the The Great Race, points out german journalist and networking expert Carsten Krome.

The myth.

French clothing company NewMan, founded back in the year of 1967 by Jacques Jaunet, entered world endurance racing in the beginning of the 1983 motorsports season as a partner of Joest Racing, situated in Germany nearby the Hockenheimring. Clemens Schickentanz acted behind the steering wheel at the maiden outing at Zolder, Belgium. Only on the second occasion, the yellow and black liviered Porsche 956, chassis 105, clinched third place in the overall at the world endurance championship race at Monza, Italy. Alongside Clemens Schickentanz, Hans Heyer as well as late Rolf Stommelen completed the line-up.

For NewMan itself, the international flavour pointed out to the essential. Employer of 3.000 in the most prospering days, the company re-invented common fashion principles by changing the understanding about colours, especially with jeanswear. Assuming that, Joest Racing went for glory only in the second year of partnership by conquesting the world famous 24 hours of the Le Mans 1984 with Klaus Ludwig and french country-fellowman Henri Pescarolo. A newly-acquired Porsche 956B, chassis 117, went down to history as the winning machine – doubling that success twelve months later with the second victory under major sponsorship of NewMan, featuring number seven and giving Klaus Ludwig another go for gold. His partners: Paolo Barilla of Italy and german entrepreneur Louis Krages, much more known as “John Winter”.

A third victory was hampered by a broken water pipe in June 1986, when the whole starting grid had to stay behind the pace car for hours after Austria’s Jo Gartner fatally shunted of the Mulsanne straight. One detail will never be forgotten as well: a third Porsche 956, chassis 104, gave young Brazilian Ayrton Senna da Silva the opportunity to shine in his one-off outing in a sports prototype racer at the all-new Nürburgring in summer 1984, when he debuted in the world endurance championship in another yellow and black NewMan-Porsche 956.

Enthusiasts all around the globe do appreciate these parts of a myth, which has been accelerated by the Porsche factory itself. Two official 911 RSR in famous colour schemes of former works entrants like the Rothmans-Porsche 956 matched the headlines of this year’s 24 hours of Le Mans. As a matter of fact, retro style is not only justified – much more than that, it overwhelms contemporary communication assets – a historic opportunity for stil-active companies with an own sporting heritage. Companies like NewMan, German journalist and networking expert Carsten Krome figures out. After leaving a strong footprint in motorsports livestreaming broadcasting, he invented the concept #MidnightMovers, focusing on the return of the NewMan-retrostyle with Porsche in a strong conjunction with the market leading team Project 1 Motorsports of Lohne, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Retaining the myth.

As a company, NewMan underwent major changes and is now re-entering the world market. Picking up the marketing history by re-inventing the famous retro colour scheme could be a key essential. With the World Endurance Championship, shortcut WEC, that could easily be done. Porsche is represented by a flood of ten 911 RSR in the GTE-class, and one of these is already liviered in yellow and black.

Project 1 Motorsports, the most successful one-make racing Porsche operation all around the globe, is responsible for the handling of the all-new developed, mid-engined GT-class derivative of the beloved Porsche 911. Undoubtly, that yellow and black Porsche 911 RSR GTE delivers a naturally-born example, how the re-invention of the unforgotten NewMan-Porsche could be fulfilled by taking over the 35 years old retro design alongside the well-respected NewMan-Logo, invented by Raymond Loewy, and taking the whole ensemble to the hollowed grounds of La Sarthe, where the 24 hours of Le Mans are held every June once a year. The design only needs to be changed quite a bit, not the colours.

Carsten Krome, who holds the idea as well as the communication concept #MidnightMovers, explains: “The opportunity to mix up contemporary retro styles with the myth of a commonly-known sponsoring company, applicated on a competitive Porsche 911, will be loved by everybody. Modern social media solutions surely would  provide viral marketing communications, supported by livestreaming assets. I am convinced, that even Porsche authorities would love to see a NewMan racer at the 24 hours of Le Mans again, a nowadays machine in an ancient colour scheme – I do like that idea very much, so why don’t we simply let it happen?”

At Project 1 Motorsports, team founder Hans-Bernd Kamps of Lohne, Lower Saxony, Germany, states: “Everybody in our company is blistered about that quite surprising inquiry, coming from a longtime-companion with a vast experience in historic Endurance Racing. We would instantly be ready, if the opportunity occurred. Not to forget, the media impact of World Endurance Championship with the exposure of the highlighting 24 hours of Le Mans may not only conquer with Formula 1, it’s much more cost-effective than that. As a matter of fact, investment value of a Porsche 911 RSR GTE in the NewMan-retrostyle would easily pay out with a globe-spanning marketing impact, potentially necessary for any new start-up into world markets with an international flavour of upscale positioning. I fully agree with Carsten – let’s go forward now!”


Any game-changing discussion about that cost-effective and high exposure marketing communications case could be held directly with Carsten Krome. situated in Münster, Germany, under the contact data mentioned below. Carsten Krome Netzwerkeins has been our place at La Sarthe already eight tines from 1995 onwards, at least presenting a custom-made book production for Shell Global Solutions, Hamburg.

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#wecWednesday Black meets yellow (what a happenstance 😉) – that’s been the livery of the famous @newman.official Porsche, invented back in the year of 1983 with #JoestRacing and the #Porsche956. Volkert Merl, Clemens Schickentanz and Mauricio de Narvaez teamed up behind the steering wheel of chassis #105 at @24heuresdumans that featured year. Only twelve months after that, black and yellow crossed the line first at #LaSarthe with the all-new chassis #117. As Klaus Ludwig and Henri Pescarolo were cruising to glory, a second chassis (#104) was entered by Reinhold Joest for Stefan Johansson, Jean-Louis Schlesser and Mauricio de Narvaez. One year later, black and yellow cliched the second consecutive victory at the #24HeuresDuMans, creating an all-time legend. Nowadays, that colour scheme is represented by #Project1Motorsports of Lohne, Germany, in the #WEC. #wecSuperSeason #RespectOurHeroes #TheGreatRace #EatSleepRaceRepeat #project25 #project1_93 #WEC #SuperSeason

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#wecWednesday07 Black meets yellow – another chapter paving the way back to our conciusness. Did you ever recall that…

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