Erleben Sie das erste Freie Training des DTM Classic Cups mit sieben ehemaligen Helden der Deutschen Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft und 24 hochkarätigen Renntourenwagen auf dem Norisring, live kommentiert von Carsten Krome.

DTM Classic Cup 2022 – live on air: die Playlist auf Carsten Krome Netzwerkeins @YouTube

DTM Classic Cup 2022, rounds 3 and 4 at the Norisring/D

Track Notes after the first free practise session on friday

#7 Bruno Spengler, BMW 320i Supertouring 1997

Big moment for the former DTM champion, who is racing in the frame of BMW CLASSIC RACING this weekend. A valve expired on the first of four cylindres, a new spare engine needs to be brought from the Schnitzer Classic base in Schiltach, some three hours away from the paddock. Approximately, the fresh powerplant can be installed around midnight.

#40 Markus Reich, Audi A4 Supertouring

An oil leak just after one and a half laps stopped the entire weekend for the austrian driver of Emanuele Pirro ́s former, four-wheel-driven two-litre works car. „The red lamp went on, so I stopped my driving in order to avoid a final damage of my engine.

#10 René Ruch, BMW M3 E30

The swiss sportscar mechanic and driver, who is using a dutch sequential gearbox, had to exchange a broken clutch housing in preparation of the weekend at the Norisring. „I am loooking forward to a check of all mechanical systems, quoted Ruch, who is racing a Ferrari 355 in hillclimb competitions as well.

# 444 Anton Werner, Audi 200 Quattro turbo

Back in 1986, Freddy Kottulinsky race a similar model on two occasions in DTM. Later on, another Audi 200 Quattro turbo came into endurance racing at the Nürburgring long circuit, that time entered by Volkswagen dealer Willy Bergmeister. That bodyshell survived seven 24-hour-races at the Nürburgring as was recently rebuilt by Anton Werner, a former rally driver and racecar collector. The four-door-sedan features a five-cylindre- in-line engine with a single KKK-“K27“-turbocharger and 480 bhp. „This is a real touringcar with four-wheel-drive“, qouted „Toni“ Werner, „you really have to work hard behind the wheel to bring it along the corner sections.“

# 44 Hans-Joachim Stuck, Audi V8 DTM 1992

„Strietzel“, DTM-champion 1990 with a simliar model in more early development stage, is reunited with exactly the works- chassis, he used exactly 30 years ago in the DTM-season of 1992. Anton Werner, owner of this car as well, discovered the famous machine somewhere in Australia. „I had to travel the world and made friends everywhere around in order to collect the remaining parts“, quoted „Toni“ Werner, „now we could fix a second Audi V8 just using everything we have got on stock.“

#23 Moritz Horn, BMW M3 Alpina E30 2.3

New engine for the 24-years-old former karting ace, who is racing in his third season with the totally revised Alpina-car, which was used by Peter Oberndorfer – nowadays the series manager of the entire DTM Classic Cup – back in the DTM- season of 1988. Moritz Horn states that he is principally staying with the original engine capacity ob 2.300 ccm. His father, Thorsten Horn, is running in the grid as well in a Group A BMW 325i.

#24 Willy Salzgeber, Audi A4 Supertouring

Another austrian driver on site with a former works car, once used by Yvan Muller in the British Touringcar Championship (BTCC), using a four-wheel drive like his country fellowman Markus Reich. The 62-years old rallyecross-driver enjoys the opportunity to have some fun together with seven former DTM- heroes active this weekend.

#19 Klaus Hoffmann, Opel Astra V8 Coupé DTM 2003

The former hillclimb racer and owner of the original DTM- chassis has to cope without television journalist Tim Schrick, who had to withdraw from the event due to health reasons. Same is to say about Guido Momm, owner of the #22 Ford Mustang DTM, driven by Stefan Mücke and Ronny Scheer.

YouTube live: 1.000 Abonnenten, 250.000 Views.


Jetzt im Re-Live: DTM Classic Cup 2022 – Norisring, Nürnberg/Freistaat Bayern – das zweite Rennen am Sonntagnachmittag.

Jetzt im Re-Live: DTM Classic Cup 2022 – Norisring, Nürnberg/Freistaat Bayern – das erste Rennen am Samstagnachmittag.

Jetzt im Re-Live: DTM Classic Cup 2022 – Norisring, Nürnberg/Freistaat Bayern – das erste Qualifying am Samstagmorgen.