Erleben Sie das erste Qualifying des DTM Classic Cups mit sieben ehemaligen Helden der Deutschen Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft und 23 hochkarätigen Renntourenwagen auf dem Norisring, live kommentiert von Carsten Krome.

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DTM Classic Cup 2022, rounds 3 and 4 at the Norisring/D Track Notes after the first qualifying session on saturday

#7 Bruno Spengler, BMW 320i Supertouring 1997

At 3.00 a.m at night, the spare engine in the 1997-spec. Supertouring racer was finally installed. Bruno Spengler, DTM- champion exactly ten years ago with the works-BMW Team Schnitzer, rewarded the mechanics for their endurance run after midnight with the 13th spot in qualifying, knowing that his newly-assembled powerplant was directly coming from the testing bench – he wasn ́t taking chances, just cruising instead. According to Norbert Knaer, responsible for BMW Classic Racing on site, the four-cylindre is running absolutely properly.

#20 Leopold Prinz von Bayern, BMW 320i BTCC

On 8th spot, the former DTM regular, 79 years old nowadays, set a huge surprise. „I am positively astonished by the very good balance of the car, the 2.5-litre S14-type engine, the narrow tires and the entire suspension setting make up a nearly perfect match. This is my very best touring car racer in more than 20 years!“ The former BTCC-test chassis, which has been developped by Prodrive back in 1988 for the British National Touringcar Championship, features a more narrow bodyshell in comparison to the BMW M3 – propably a tactical advantage on the straights at Nuremburg.

#444 Anton Werner, Audi 200 Quattro turbo Group A/H

Straightline speed has been the key for the surprisingly fast Audi-collector „Toni“, who came less than a second close to the fastest qualification time, set by Klaus Hoffmann in the 2003-spec. Opel Astra V8 DTM Coupé. Werner uses a huge single KKK-turbocharger, type „K27“, which leads to 485 bhp an a huge accelleration out of the tight „Dutzendteich“ corner.

#6 Olaf Manthey, BMW 635 CSI Group A

The eldest car in the starting grid is the 1983-spec. BMW, which will be 40 years the forthcoming season. Manthey, twice the DTM-vice champion back in the years of 1984 and 1985 as well, is restricted to 7.400/min with the original Group-A-spec. Engine. Instead, the winner of the Norisring-DTM round back in 1987 in the Blaupunkt-Isert-BMW M3 E30 2.3, came in on ninth spot instead. The experienced ace driver knows, that he still can improve on the race distance: „Under these hot weather conditions, it will be an endurance race this afternoon.“

# 23 Moritz Horn, BMW M3 ALPINA 2.3 Group A

Moritz Horn had to withdraw from qualifying, but not from the race. Whilst warming up the engine, the manifold cracked and needed to be whelded by friends in the paddock, the Berlin- based mechanics of Mücke Motorsport Classic helped on site. As well, a „hardy“-element within the drivetrain expired and needed to be resolved.

#22 Ronny Scheer, Ford Mustang GT 5.0

Due to an oil leak on Gerd Ruch ́ ́s former DTM-chassis, Ronny Scheer stopped on the right side of the opposite straight. The former motorcycle racer won the second round of the DTM Classic Cup at the Lausitzring with the former BTCC-spec. Ford Sierra RS 500 Group A. For the Norisring round, the Dresden-based teammate of longtime DTM-regular Stefan Mücke changed over to the Mustang, which suffered from the typical bumps on the track. An oil tube broke under the narrow cinematics, but that problem will be fixed until the fist race on saturday afternoon.

#2 Stefan Mücke, Opel Calibra 4×4 DTM 1995

The afternoon ́s race on saturday will only be a test run under competition conditions, without pressure. The car did not run much in all three practice sessions so far.

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