DTM Classic Cup Spa-Francorchamps, 10th of September, 2022, track notes after the first qualifying session on saturday morning.

#3 Kris Nissen,. BMW M3, Class 2

Car had to be withdrawn due to engine issues after Free Practice, one of the for cylinders was not running properly

#4 Yannick Trautwein, BMW 320i STW, Class 6

Still, the pole-setter is engaged with set-up issues. The car is set for wet conditions, but the line line was drying out in the closing stages. “I stayed with rain tires instead and went out on the more wet line in oder to keep my tire set alive”, Trautwein stated. Tire economy will be one of the key issues in the race on saturday afternoon.

#51 Marc Seesing, BMW M3, Class 4

The newly-built car had to be withdrawn for the first qualifying session.

#31 Christian Küberl, BMW M3, Class 4

With a superb performance within the closing stages, the Austrian catched up the sixth spot in the grid and set a real surprise in his second outing ever in the DTM Classic Cup series.

#20 Marc Hessel, Prinz Leopold von Bayern, BMW 320 iS, Class 3

With a brave performance on slick tires right from the beginning, Hessel brought the tiny looking BMW 320 iS to second spot in the overall and into the first row in the grid as well. “It has been a question of the right mindset”, stated Hessel, “using fith gear in Raidillon under these conditions can be brutal. But I managed it in the end. That’s what its finally all about.”

#6 Olaf Manthey, BMW 635 CSI, Class 5

The rain specialist, being waterproof since his early days on the Nürburgring long circuit since the eighties, had the fun of a lifetime drifting around on the wet parts of the track – even on much more modern tires like in the original lifespan of his 1983-spec. BMW 635 CSi Coupé.

#99 Thomas Wandel, Audi 200 Quattro, Class 2

The Volkswagen dealer from Tübingen, Germany, set a huge surprise while setting the third fastest time in the overall classification. “The four-wheel drive is working unter the slippery track conditions”; Wandel stated, “I did not push that hard,I just wanted to keepmy self-built toy alive.”

#54 Jan van Elderen, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Class 2

Car had to be withdrawn from the event after fist qualifying.

#371 Ko Koppejan, Mercedes-Benz 190 E, Class 3

The dutchman stopped in the early stages of the qualifying session due to broken clutch and caused a red flag. With a spare clutch, borrowed by Sebastian Küppers, team principal of zweipunktnull automotive group, Düsseldorf, Ko Koppejan tries to fix the issue until the race.

#10 René Ruch, BMW M2, Class 2

The swiss driver suffered some engine trouble due a broken crankshaft sensor in the Free Practise session on friday, but the car seemes to be fully recovered now. Seventh spot is the result for the smallest team operation at the place.

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