DTM Classic Cup Spa-Francorchamps, 11th of September, 2022, track notes after the second qualifying session on sunday morning.

#4 Yannick Trautwein, BMW 320i STW, Class 6

Now on a softer raintire compund in comparison to yesterday’s first race, the supertourer worked more efficient and marked pole position with a margin of half a second ahead of Ronny Scheer in the Ford Siera.

#31 Christian Küberl, BMW M3, Class 4

Car had to be withdrawn after the warming-up ahead of the second qualifying session. The pressure within the cooling system pointed out to be much higher than normal.

#20 Marc Hessel, Prinz Leopold von Bayern, BMW 320 iS, Class 3

Instead of Prinz Leopold von Bayern, Marc Hessel stays with the BMW 320 iS for the second qualifying and race as well.

#6 Jürgen Adi Schumann, BMW 635 CSI, Class 5

Jürgen Adi Schumann took over from Olaf Manthey, who is still leading in the championship rankings. Like Yannik Trautwein, Manthey used raintires with a harder compound yesterday. But the strategy pointed out to be wrong: Instead of a drying track surface, the rain was getting even harder in the closing stages. As a matter of fact, the team went out on softer raintires today and was quite happy about the result.

#99 Thomas Wandel, Audi 200 Quattro, Class 2

After the strong third position in the first qualifying yesterday morning, Wandel declared a diificult roadholding under the still wet conditions today. “The car was sliding around, not easy to keep it under control”, the former hillclimb racer stated. “As a consequence, I took things more easy in order to avoid any risk.”

#2 Stefan Mücke, Opel Calibra 4×4 V6, Class 1

A hung-out throttle lining stopped the drive of the technically complex 1995-spec. Class-1-car even on its first checklap. The repair in the remaining time until the race is quite complicated. The Mücke Motorsport Classic team is looking forward to get everything fixed.

#23 Moritz Horn, BMW M3 E30, Class 4

A broken second gear ended the lifespan of the classic Getrag-fivespeed gearbox, which will be substituted by a spare unit for the race this afternoon.

#11 Ronny Scheer, Ford Sierra, Class 2

“Now, after the already fourth driving session out in the wet here in Belgium, my old und pre-used raintires are totally worn-out”, Scheer stated and concluded: “If there was more rain in the second race on sunday afternoon, I simply could not take part due to the lack of sufficient tire material.”

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