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Hockenheim, ninth and tenth round of the DTM Classic Cup 2022 series, qualifying for race 1 on saturday, TRACK NOTES

#2 Stefan Mücke, Opel Calibra V6 4×4 Class 1

Second fastest time for the 1995-spec. Calibra after a total of eight laps – the four-wheel driven contender points out to be more relialable than ever: The margin to the pole position time is 2.3 seconds – tight racing can be expected. Still, a fully covrered distance remains to be question mark.

#16 Rudolf Schöllhorn, Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse 2008 W204
A little bit surprisingly, the guest starter marked pole-position with good speed all around. “Most propably, I was using my experience from my former Kart racing. The conception of the tubular spaceframe chassis in my Mercedes is a bit similar to my Kart is was used to. As well, I can handle a lose and moving rear axle quite, the driving style suites me.

#111 Nico Wittmann, BMW M3 E30

The brother of DTM double champion Marco Wittmann came in on 12th spot in the overall classification with a BMW M3 E30 which is entered in class 2 for DTM-machinery until the technical step of 1992 included. Father Herbert Wittmann will take over on sunday for the very lasrt remaining race of the season.

#20 Marc Hessel, BMW 320iS BTCC / 1988

A broken crankshaft bearing pointed out to be the game changer for Marc Hessel, who´s car has to be withdrawn for saturday´s race for safety reasons. “We have found metalflakes in teh engine oil after the technical check-up”, stated Sebastian Küppers, team principal of the zweipunktnull group of Düsseldorf.

#40 Markus Reich, Audi A4 Supertouring

Thenth spot in the overall and third position in class 6 for supertouring cars for the Austrian, who is running a constuction company back home.

#444 Anton Werner, Audi 200 Quattro turbo
Stunning straightline speed and sixth spot in the overall for the bavarian Audi collector, who was victorious at the Norisring in July.

#6 Olaf Manthey, BMW 635 CSi Group A

15th spot in the overall rankings for the leader in the points standings. Big tactical advantage for the double vice champion in the DTM-series: His class 5 is very good presented this weekend, so Olaf Manthey can collect some more bonus points for the opponents in class.

#19 Klaus Hoffmann, Opel Astra V8 DTM Coupé

Third spot in the overall for the 2012 German hillclimb champion, who clinched his title with the 2003-spec. Ex-Peter-Dumbreck-chassis. On sunday, klaus Hoffmann is supposed to be assisted by popular television presenter Tim Schrick, who is racing on the Nürburgring long circuit today.

UPDATE: car has to be withdrawn due to technical reasons

#321 Michael Schneider, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

After a short pitstop due to a slight overheating, the turbocharger pressure had to be reset on a lower level. about 50 bhp will be missing in saturday´s race – still, 350 bhp will be on hand for Michael Schneider. Team principal Kai Ringshausen is looking forward instead, that the newly-built statement car will cover its first complete race distance.

#22 Guido Momm, Ford Mustang GT 5.0

The Kelberg-based customer driver at the Mücke Motorsport Classic operation had a contact will the barriers right after the first corner.

UPDATE: car has to be withdrawn due to technical reasons

#3 Kris Nissen, BMW M3 E30

The danish professional, now located in Switzerland naer Luzern, came in on seventh spot and celebrated a reunion afterwards. Kris Nissen was reunited with the Abt-Audi TT-R he once drive in the DTM-series of the year 2000. Abt Sportsline competed its 300th race in DTM on saturday, team principal Hans Jürgen Abt was part ot the reunion, too.

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