#HistoryFiles by rennsport revue® | legenden leben. Need professional research assistance about your historic value racing sportscar?

rennsport revue®: established October '87#HistoryFiles by rennsport revue® | legenden leben. can provide your sought-after solution.

With a well-respected experience from 1976 onwards and a substantial database, netzwerkeins provides professional research and documentary services about collectible racing cars from Porsche Carrera RSR to 935, 956/956 and touringcar classics. Whatever your requirements are from a simple PDF-file to a full-format book or some moving pictures on a well-established YouTube-channel, the variety of options doesn’t stop anywhere exept former Porsche Carrera Cup cars – a field that is no longer supported.

Please find some examples of our latest research project about the 1980-spec Kremer-Porsche 935 K3 furthermore down below, documented with some unseen material taken from old stock. Apart from that, #HistoryFiles by rennsport revue® | legenden leben. helped enthusiasts to complete their Porsche 935s with spare parts collected all over the globe. A 1976 Chassis number is quite a good example for that activity, which started back in 1987 – the founding year of the media marque rennsport revue® | legenden leben. Therefore, two more keywords have now been added to the brand name, which leads to #HistoryFiles by rennsport revue® | legenden leben. Exclusively provided by netzwerkeins.

Your contact by e-mail in any case of a serious inquiry about historic value racing sportscars: carsten.krome@netzwerkeins.com.

#HistoryFiles by rennsport revue® | legenden leben. can handle that for you on a reasonable economical basis. Or just call: +49 (0) 173 16 81 541 or +49 (0) 173 16 81 541.

Please find some examples here:

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Kremer Porsche 935 K3 – Interscope IMSA Racing – Background Story – BILSTER BERG Cars and Faces #04.

Porsche 935 K3 IMSA – Kremer-997 K3R – Gipfeltreffen – Walkaround – BILSTER BERG Cars and Faces #04.

Klaus Ludwig – Kremer Porsche 935 K3 – Bergmenschen on air – BILSTER BERG Cars and Faces – #02.2020.

Kremer Porsche 935 K3 Gruppe 5 – Jochen Mass – Rolf Stommelen – Axel Plankenhorn – John Fitzpatrick.

Kremer Racing – 10. August 2020 – zehn Jahre nach der Übernahme zieht Eberhard A. Baunach ein Fazit.

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