The #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing is an open association for international racing drivers, owners, collectors, investors, technicians and friends of a contemporary STW racing touring car from the era of the former super touring car regulations, which were established in the year of 1993 and continued to apply internationally beyond the turn of the millennium for normally aspirated machinery with a displacement of maximum two liters. The #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing is clearly committed to these (STW) regulations. All vehicles should basically comply with the technical regulations of the FIA ​​that were in effect at the time.

The #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing is not a solitary racing series, but rather an independent module that contributes to other, already existing racing series to complement and upgrade them. The #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing brings renowned international professional racing drivers from the era of two-liter super touring racecars back together with their original, partly newly built, then used vehicles according to the FIA ​​regulations in force at the time. As the currently exclusive presentation partner, Irmler Racing brings in the necessary network performance as well as all communication measures that are required to set up and maintain an adequate, multilingual press and public relations workforce.

As a regulation-correct displacement class, it is generally intended to anchor the #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing from event to event within existing, selected racing formats. As a result, the #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing sees itself as a complementary upgrade with popular original drivers and their vehicles at that time. Exceptions to the defined technical status of the FIA ​​regulations applicable at the time are generally not desired. Since the #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing is on the one hand a sporty and stringent competition with clear interpretation of the regulations and on the other hand an international network meeting, a common appearance of all participants in the #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing in the paddock is a key essential.


The #SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing was created to put racing, networking and communication in the foreground in relation to specific original #SuperTourer-style vehicles of an unchanged popular era and its protagonists. Commercial and especially sports-political interests are completely out of the question. The basic principle is: race because it’s just fun.

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#SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing: 2020 event calendar
May 7-10, 2020: Sachsenring Classic (touring car legends)
June 11th – 14th, 2020: Anderstorp / S (DTM, (Touring Car Classics)
01. – 05.07.2020: Knockhill / GB (Dunlop Saloon Car Cup)
05. – 09.08.2020: Nürburgring / D (AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix)
August 27th – 31st, 2020: Oulton Park / GB (Dunlop Saloon Car Cup)
October 16 – 18, 2020: Nürburgring Westfalentrophy (touring car legends)

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#SuperTourerReunion by Irmler Racing: Idee, Ausrichtung, Rennformat – und Veranstaltungskalender für STW-Tourenwagen.

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