Erleben Sie das zweite Qualifying des DTM Classic Cups mit sieben ehemaligen Helden der Deutschen Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft und 18 hochkarätigen Renntourenwagen auf dem Norisring, live kommentiert von Carsten Krome.

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DTM Classic Cup 2022, rounds 3 and 4 at the Norisring/D

Track Notes after the second qualifying session on sunday

#10 René Ruch, BMW M3 E30, class/Klasse 2

After a fine third place in the overall in the first race yesterday afternoon, the swiss mechanic set another surprise in the qualifying for the second race today with fourth place right behind Kris Nissen in another BMW M3 E30. The reason of his strong performance at the Norisring the entire weekend coulb be a new sequential gearbox, delivered by dutch manufacturer Drenth. „I am looking forward“, quotes the owner of a real tiny operation on site, René Ruch is only accompaigned by his wife Svetlana, who is chief mechanic, team manager and personal coach in person. „Right after today´s race, we are heading home for around 550 kilometres, normal wirk starts Monday morning aound 8.00 a.m.“.

#31 Christian Küberl, BMW M3 E30, class/Klasse 4

The former hillclimb racer from Austria fulfilled a childhood dream on saturday afternoon: „Once in a lifetime, I wished to race at the Norisring, in front of the DTM-public, with all the famous drivers around“, quoted the 48-years-old driver and owner of an original Group-A-long distance racer, once used at the 24 hours of Spa-Francorchamps with Bretislav Enge und Vaclav Bervid. „That dream finally came true, and it was just great!“ Unfortunately, some engine trouble avoided a second attempt on sunday for safety reasons. „I´d rather prefer to keep my S14-type engine in one piece.“

#20 Marc Hessel, BMW 320 iS BTCC, class/Klasse 3

After a class victory yesterday afternoon in the first of two races, „dä Schmal“ had to be withdrawn from the remaining #weekend due to a overreved engine. Due to that, former BMW-Junior Marc Hessel, second in the DTM race at the Norisring back in 1987, had to retire just after three laps in practise.

# 22 Ronny Scheer/Stefan Mücke, Ford Mustang, class/Kl. 1

Once again drivetrain trouble for Gerd Ruch´s former DTM-Ford Mustang GT 5.0, once used between 1989 and 1994. The rear axle collapsed under the bumps and jumps after 8 laps. The claas 1-machinery did not participate in the qualifying on sunday morning.

#23 Moritz Horn, BMW M3 E30 ALPINA, class/Klasse 4

In second qualifying, Moritz Horn had a flashback, setting a „historical laptime“ – which differed only 0,1 seconds from the original laptime with the same car, originally used by Peter Oberndorfer in the DTM-season of 1988. „I think I know the reason for the difference“, queted the 24-years-old former kart racer; „I was out on used tires, Peter maybe had new rubber.“ An interesting fact: the same Peter Oberndorfer is now in charge of the entire DTM Classic Cup a the series manager.

#60, Max Huber, Ford Mondeo Supertouring, class/Klasse 6

The Supertouring expert, racedriver and collector from Munich had to withdraw the 1995-spec. Schübel-Ford Mondeo STW 4×4, which was built back to front-wheel drive. The oilpump had a wrong ratio, the engine was running without oil pressure for an istant under full revs. Due to safety reasons, the former works entry has to be entirely service checked until its next outing.

#85 Gerhard Füller, Opel Vectra STW, class/Klasse 6

Yesterdays racewinner uses the very last Supertourer, built for Opel´s effort in Germany´s STW-series back in 1999. The black Chassis number 015 was originally used by works driver Uwe Alzen – quite an obligation for the roofer from Stadtallendorf near Frankfurt.

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Jetzt im Re-Live: DTM Classic Cup 2022 – Norisring, Nürnberg/Freistaat Bayern – das erste Qualifying am Samstagmorgen.